Beyond Tradition

"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men." Colossians 2:8



Why did Jesus warn Magdalene not to touch him immediately after the resurrection in the gospel of John, yet let everyone else examine his wounds in the other gospels? Was this sexism? Is it based on a variant of the meaning of the word "touch"? Was it a mistake on either John's part or the other gospel authors? Was it a betrayal of their fiction and embellishment methodology? Or was there some other theological underling? 

Can't Touch This


Did Paul denounce the Nativity story and call it a myth?

Vain Genealogies


Did the gospel of John discriminate against the Nativity story?

My Logos is Better Than Yours

Let's cut to the chase. Is the notorious virgin birth a fact, or obvious fiction? The Virgin Birth (three part series):

Jesus Christmas  Part I

The Myth that Never Was  Part II




Jesus, Dionysus, Mithra and Horus' Excellent Adventure  Part III


Was the theological purpose of the virgin birth really to avoid the curse of sin and validate Jesus as a God-man, or are these merely traditional contrivances conservative Christians and critics used to both support and oppose the story? And if both are true, what ancient mystery really did lie behind the necessity of the virgin birth?

The She Seed


A bird's eye view into the methodological argument of a modern day skeptic.

The Gospel According to Dan Barker


Are Atheists really "free thinkers," on a search for truth? Or could it be that Atheism has become just as much an institutionalized conformists ideology as religious theology, bias with its views, and as subjective in its arguments as Christian fundamentalism? What are the definitive lines that cross between Christianity and Atheism?

Free to Conform




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