Beyond Tradition

"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men." Colossians 2:8

The Man


Did Jesus really exist, or is he just a fictionalized accumulation of mythological deities that were running rampant in the Roman Empire? Even though this was a 19th century theory that has since been debunked several times over, the theory continues to sputter off and on to this day by its loyal adherents, so I took the time to briefly address it.

The Jesus-myth Myth


Was Jesus deranged? Was he a self-proclaimed failed apocalyptic prophet? Was he a slick talking con-artist who knew trickery? Was Jesus just an ordinary Jew with higher aspirations than his peers, but who was misquoted and misunderstood by his followers after his death? Or was Jesus really the Messiah of Israel? Why the Trilemma (Liar, Lunatic or Lord) apologetic argument pales in comparison to what secular scholars and skeptics must actually try and figure out about the Jewish Jesus.

The Messiah Dilemma


The unsolved socioreligious and philosophical issue scholars must deal with about Jesus was covered in "The Messiah Dilemma," so next, we'll discuss the unsolved fundamental theological issues they must deal with… the resurrection.

Onward Christian Martyrs (five part series):

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The Tomb Legend     Part II

The Theories            Part III

The Swoon               Part IV

The Body Snatchers   Part V


Was Jesus really the promised Messiah foretold in ancient Jewish scriptures? Were the messianic prophecies -- declared as fulfillments in Jesus by his followers -- miraculous fulfillments or just coincidences? Are they just passages from scripture that are grossly misinterpreted? Are they strategically placed passages in the New Testament used to bolster a cleverly pre-planned messianic blueprint? 


The Messianic Matrix (four part series):

The Judean Blueprint    Part I

The Suffering Servant  Part II

The Pierced One          Part III

The Big Picture            Part IV